Sunday, 5 October 2014

Audio Books

It seems I was a little premature when I announced the audio book for Lancelot and the Wolf. The first person to say they'd like to do it pulled out because of Union conflicts. (I could rant for a very long time about how Unions are an utter waste of time but I won't). From then on in I've been blocked every which way. It's been pretty miserable to be honest. I'd like to think it's just down to the fact that Amazon registers no sales for Wolf because it's up for free despite the 100,000+ downloads it's had but I don't think I'm going to be that generous. I think it's because of the content, which is sad. Either that or it's down to my crappy writing... ;-) It's been a bit of a body blow on top of several others for the series but then I had a thought...

I know how Lancelot sounds in my head. I know exactly how he sounds when he's cross, or sad, or happy and I know how he thinks and what he feels when his sword carves someone in two. I know how Arthur sounds to him and Tancred, Guinevere, Morgana and the all the others. I know how each words is shaped when he speaks or thinks. And so do you.

Lancelot and the boys are close to our hearts so could any of us really be happy with an audio version? How would I find the right voice for the dark growl? Surely we are better off with what we have inside our heads? Do we want a version of him out there that we don't own, that we don't hear in our dreams?

I've decided I don't. I don't want anyone other than me (and you guys) owning him. That voice and face belong to us, the dark eyes and tangle of dark hair are ours. This is my current feeling on the subject anyway. Of course if Russell T Davis (he who brought back Dr Who for those who don't know) managed to get Aidan Turner to play him... Well... I might think otherwise :-) But for now I want to hold on to my Lancelot and you guys can hold on to yours. Let's keep our grumpy knight our secret.

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