Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Du Lac Legacy - Trial by fire

Alright, I know, I've been quiet for months. Several reasons for this, mostly involved with not having anything positive to report and you don't need to hear my whining over writing anxiety. I had to be quiet because I had to just walk away from Albion and all the characters involved. I've written short stories, wasted perhaps 100,000 words on books that I'll never finish, but that's not a bad thing. Writing is all about practice and even if those words are never read by anyone else it would have further improved my skills as a novelist. I've been struggling with my own writing style, I think I allowed the negative reviews to dwindle my confidence, and every time I tried to edit the second Sons of Camelot book all I could hear were the negative reviews. Daft perhaps but all part of the process I guess. You will all be pleased to know that I finally managed to finish the edit and it's about to be released by the end of the month. Give you something read on the cold nights I guess.

The next in the series is on hold until I finish the Lancelot book - but I figured you'd all forgive me for that one. :-)

So, that's it and here's the cover for the new book and the blurb...


“I don’t know which is worse, being a King or being in love... Galahad cannot decide what he wants from me. Torvec has an agenda I cannot begin to understand – he’s a dragon – how do I understand a dragon? Not only that but the nightmares left to me courtesy of The Lady’s allies are preventing me from... Preventing me from being able to...
Why am I so alone?”

Holt’s cry of frustration and grief are just a small part of the burdens he has to carry. He and his family continue to race south, through unknown lands, in an attempt to escape The Lady and her long tendrils of influence. In the process they meet new fey, make new deals and find a wife. Both men, the only ones who can see Camelot and Albion safe far into the future, learn more about burdens of responsibility through the forging fires of loss and pain.

Will they ever resolve how they feel about each other? And if they don’t, will Camelot and Albion be doomed to The Lady’s authority? Can the Pendragon and du Lac family legacies hold strong during their trials?

This is book two in the series which follows the next generation of heroes from the hugely successful Knights of Camelot books. The legacy that began with Lancelot and the Wolf.