Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New Worlds, Old Thoughts

There is a slight hesitation about this... My mind is squeaking - Don't you have enough to do without this as well? The answer is 'Yes' but why not tell Google about The Knights Of Camelot and their quest as well as everywhere else? I'm an author. I write mostly LGBT (I will get this wrong at some point - dyslexics of the world untie!) stories and they centre about men trying to find an answer.
The trouble being they are never sure what the question is...
Sexuality is a very complex area. I'm openly bi-sexual but I married a man - safe and secure you'd think, how convenient, but it's more complicated than that and I'm still trying to understand the implications myself.
So I guess that's what I'll use this blog for, discussing my writing and perhaps exploring why I'm driven to write about my given subject. Maybe I want a place a little more grownup than facebook to examine and challenge a complex concept. We'll see, life might get in the way I'll never post more than this one blog... I hope to do better though.


  1. Great blog. I wonder about the same things!

  2. Then maybe we'll find some answers if we ask the right questions!